At Lenni Duffield Consultancy we are focused upon delivering clear and measurable results of the highest quality standard. We work collaboratively with our clients not just to fill a knowledge or skill gap but also to effectively allow our clients to learn from our experience and transfer our knowledge so sustainable results can be maintained well after our work is complete.

Our commitment is to ensure that we deliver the best possible service and solutions that meet our clients need.

Services we offer include:

  • Business planning and strategic development
  • Evaluation
  • Grant and tender applications and assessments
  • Needs assessments
  • Pilot projects
  • Policies and procedures
  • Programme development
  • Research
  • Service audits
  • Youth participation & young people co-designed services & project scopes
  • Organisational assessment
  • Youth participation and co-design
  • Youth consultation
  • Youth development
  • Community consultation,¬† involvement and participation
  • Assist organisations¬† to develop and embed engagement cultures
  • Facilitation of strategic and community planning processes
  • Focus groups and social research
  • Community/consumer forums and workshops
    • Strategy and planning sessions
    • Team development & training
    • Design and delivery of training¬†
  • Program evaluation design and implementation
  • Review and benchmarking of service delivery and recommendations
  • Survey design and analysis